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Writing Assignment 4 : Assessing personality using a text analysis program Assessing the dimensions by which you see yourself Everyone defines who they are in different ways. When people describe themselves, they generally use one or more dimensions that may define how they see themselves as well as how they see others. In personality theory, the work of George Kelley is particularly relevant. Kelley noted that people have central traits or dimensions that they use in organizing their worlds. For example, some people see everything according to its financial value. They define themselves by how much money they make or have. They also define everyone else along financial domains. This exercise uses a new method that finds the most common dimensions that people use in defining themselves. Over the last few years, several thousand college students have completed an assignment much like this one. Mathematically, seven dimensions most commonly emerge when analyzing their essays. The table below should tell you which DIMENSIONS of yourself that you are consciously or unconsciously paying attention to. For example, if you are high or very high on the dimension of Physical Appearance, it simply means that this is something that you think about more than others. You may view yourself as attractive or unattractive, tall or short, thin or fat. What you think about yourself is less important than your judging part of your life along this dimension. In all probability, you are more likely to judge others along this same dimension of personality as well. Here is a short analysis of your word use. Keep in mind that the more words you wrote, the more trustworthy these analyses. If you feel that your writing didn't reflect who you really are, go back and start over. At the same time, don't take these results too seriously. Self-analysis dimension Your data Average response Your level Physical appearance 0.89 1.71 low Family orientation 0.59 1.98 low Social connections 1.63 1.07 average Achievement Striving 1.63 2.81 low Religion and spirituality 0.00 0.34 low Optimistic orientation 3.41 2.41 high Negative concerns 1.48 1.22 average Overall, you wrote 674 words in the 15 minutes.
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Writing Assignment 4 - Writing Assignment 4 : Assessing...

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