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actual final report

actual final report - S.O.B Students of Organizational...

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S.O.B S tudents of  O rganizational  B ehavior 
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Introduction Whether a customer is unhappy with his meal, an employee makes a crucial mistake serving her customers, or an employee performs exceptionally, it is a manager’s job to make sure that everyone is satisfied and clear about the issue at hand in the end. In different countries with varied cultures, managers deal with these situations in distinctly different manners. The styles by which supervisors manage their employees and take care of their customers are often radically different depending on where in the world the organization operates. Each style caters to the needs of the people of that culture, depending on their social, physical, emotional, and psychological needs. Our group interviewed managers in China, Brazil, and the United States and conducted research to study differences in management styles in different countries. Research and Interview Results Please refer to Table 1, 2, and 3 in the Appendix for the results of our interviews and research. Comparison Between Interviews and Research Please refer to Table 4 in the Appendix for a comparison of our interviews and research.. Comparison of Management Styles Among Different Countries Handling Underachieving Employees- Hong Kong vs. Brazil vs. United States When dealing with employees who are underachieving, many of the countries embrace similar styles for improving employee performance. Managers from at least one restaurant in each of the three countries said that they would hold a meeting with any employee that is underachieving and discuss the problem on a one-on-one basis. However, some restaurants took different actions as well. D.O.M.
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actual final report - S.O.B Students of Organizational...

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