11.29.07 Bystander Intervention

11.29.07 Bystander Intervention - ii. Parties of 6+ have...

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Bystander Intervention Writing assignment 5 : Tuesday, Dec 2 Experiments: Last day tomorrow (Friday) I. Kitty Genovese II. When bystanders intervene and when they don’t III. How to optimize helping Kitty Genovese, left for dead March 13, 1964. 38 people heard her screams, but no one came to help or called the police. Bystander intervention Why don’t people help? 1. Some don’t notice the situation 2. Costs of helping a. “I’ve got too much shit to do” b. More likely to help when cost is less 3. Is it clear that help is needed? a. Thought girl sleeping 4. Social physics a. Diffusion of responsibility = 1/n i. More people, take longer to respond to threat. Lots of people – most do nothing.
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Parties of 6+ have 15% gratuity more people, tip less. b. Deindividuation = 0 responsibility i. Deindividuated if cant be identified all same clothes (KKK), Halloween parties, at night, etc. ii. If need help, request it to specific person. That way, show help is needed and pass responsibility to a certain individual. Women are more likely to help than men. Women are more likely to be helped. Women are more likely to ask for help. Men are more likely to help women than men; more likely to help attractive women than unattractive women....
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