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us history notes - Golden age of America 1890s: crisis...

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Golden age of America 1890’s: crisis decade. Metaphysical assumptions. We screwed up last century lets make next one better. Economy in trouble, stock market crash 1893. 20% of nation unemployed Most angry Americas are farmers in America. Political fire out of unwillingness to join. Ticked off, mad at city and railroads—angry at rates being charged to get crops to market and their power—growing crop productivity. Huge farmers movement in 1890’s **POPULISM: on one hand step into the twentietch century but on other hand is step back farmers alliances realize must ally with city workers , only hope to change their lives. National guard called by governor who is called by railroad. Doesn’t work National guardsmen mutiny and give guns over Get to decide what is Pullman car and what is railroad car. Us troops get called out. Segregation Plessy vs. Ferguson: okay if separate but equal Not really equal. Progressive Era: April 5, 2007-04-05 Efficiency Progressivism Imperialism and Trosevelt 1885 America has 25 naval seaworthy ships. 1905, America is significant world power America is still infant new world power Industrial production is going through roof, American cities are show offs to th world Whole ending of frontier concept. o Go overseas and find new markets Teddy Roosevelt is crucial to this new rise—one time assistant secretary of us navy o “speak sofetly and carry a big stick”
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us history notes - Golden age of America 1890s: crisis...

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