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Homework 3 hints 2/123. v is a constant. Use particle kinematics equation to calculate a: a = ± s 22 0 2 vv a =+Δ . 2/130 In order to calculate B ρ , you have to calculate B v and . n a Step 1. calculate a (const.) due to strong 0 x wind. The key point here is to find special point on this projectile. C is this point!!!!! In rectangular coordinates: 120' c x = and 2 00 1 2 cx c x c x xv t a t =+ + Similar you can derive the second equation In y direction: 0 c y = Solve the above two equations, you will get 3.05 c t = sec and ft/sec 7.0 x a = 2 . Step2. Find the velocity at B. Important: notice the angle is 45 D x y ⇒= . From kinematics of particle, you have two equations in terms of
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