Unit 1 - The Manager

Unit 1 - The Manager - Unit 1 The Manager The Avon Lady •...

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Unformatted text preview: Unit 1: The Manager The Avon Lady • Jung took over in 1994; turned Avon around • Demonstrated she was a good leader by engaging every major principle of good overall management with successful results o Defined vision of Avon o Then updated everything in the company • Company has largest percentage of women managers of any F500 (89%) What is Management? • Mary Parker Follet – “the art of getting things done through people” • Management: the process of administering and coordinating resources effectively and efficiently in an effort to achieve the goals of the organization • Effectiveness: degree to which goals are achieved ; doing the right things • Efficiency: using the fewest inputs to generate a given output; doing things right • Organization: a group of individuals who work together towards a common goal o Can be for profit or non-profit no matter what: ALL made up of people What Managers Do • Manager: an organizational member who is responsible for planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the activities of the organization so that its goals are achieved • Four Overall Functions of Managers: o Planning Planning: setting goals and defining actions necessary to achieve those goals Must develop goals, strategies, and operational plans for work groups Develop plan for administering and coordinating the resources o Organizing Organizing: the process of determining the tasks to be done, who will do them, and how those tasks will be managed and coordinated Information, resources and tasks must flow logically and efficiently Must be structured in a way that will lead to achievement of its mission and organizational goals and allow it to be responsive to changes in organization’s environment o Leading Leading: motivating and directing members of the organization so that they contribute to the achievement of the goals of the organization Must understand dynamic of individual and group behavior Understand and predict future share vision with employees to make reality o Controlling Controlling: monitoring the performance of the organization, identifying deviations...
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Unit 1 - The Manager - Unit 1 The Manager The Avon Lady •...

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