Unit 2 - Management Theory

Unit 2 - Management Theory - Unit 2 Management Theory...

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Unit 2 – Management Theory Historical Background of Management Management has been around forever: building of pyramids; early Venice Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations (1776): o Division of labor: breakdown of jobs into narrow and repetitive tasks o Concluded that division of labor increased productivity by increasing each other’s skill and dexterity, by saving time lost in changing tasks and by creating labor-saving inventions and machinery Industrial revolution : late 18 th century; substitution of machine power for human power, which made it more economical to manufacture goods in factories rather than at home Scientific Management Scientific management: using the scientific method to determine “one best way” for a job to be done Important Contributions o Frederick W. Taylor: 4 principles of management: develop a science for each element of an individual’s work, which will replace old method cooperate with workers to ensure all work is done w/ the principles of science that were developed divide work & responsibility equally btw management + workers improved productivity more than 200% [pig iron experiment] o Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Scientifically managed their 12 kids Bricklaying: reduced motions from 18 to 5 for exterior and interior 18 to 2 Therbligs: a classification scheme for labeling 17 basic hand motions General Administrative Theory General administrative theory:
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Unit 2 - Management Theory - Unit 2 Management Theory...

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