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9/6/07 Lec 1 Dr. Stephen Hansell, Ph.D. [email protected] (preferred) www.rci.rutgers.edu/~shansell 732-445-4740 40? MC exams – 3 exams Not Cumulative Exam 1 – Mon 10/8 Exam 2 – Mon 11/12 Exam 3 – Tue 12/18 12-1:20 pm, Scott Hall 135 What is Med sociology? I. Who gets sick and why? a. Illness and death aren’t evenly distrib in the pop i. ppl w/ higher edu live longer 1. knowledge hypothesis a. ie. Know more about dui so no do it 2. motivation hypothesis a. go college and have good stuff to look forward to 3. health behavior hypoth a. more tuned to pos health behave ie. Go gym 4. genetic hypoth a. parent w/ good genes pass on b. Frosh living in dorms have 3x greater risk of getting meningitis than other college
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Unformatted text preview: kids i. 50% mortality ii. brain, spine cells’ membranes effected iii. very rare – x<100 college kids get it iv. crowding hypothesis 1. frosh get more crowded dorms v. lack of immunity hypoth II. What kind of health care do ppl get? a. US med sci is the best in the world b. But not all us citizens have access to health care i. Poor ppl, children, mentally ill, others w/o insurance ie new college grads III. Explore med care myths a. US citizens healthiest ppl in the worlds i. Measure: life span, infant mortality b. Med hoaxes...
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