exam 2 (2) - Sociology lec 3 Tuesday Class 13 more Social...

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Sociology lec 3 Tuesday 10/22/07 Class 13 – more Social Support XI. Hansell school study of social networks and health a. adolescence a time when many new health behaviors are learned a. brain developing. Can do abstract thought b. behavioral autonomy c. freedom from parents b. adolescence also a time when need for friendship and group identity peek a. need them cuz moving away from parents. Need support. b. Social network can influence health behavior c. study procedure a. self reporting b. teacher evals c. attendance d. measure of how many sicknesses e. measure social network + friendship of the kids max weber – german sociologist. He came up w/ 1 triangle hierarchy. Vertical dimension is status. Leader Broker broker Follower follower follower Isolate-not connected to social network Usu make friends w/ ppl who have the same social status as you. Ie follower friend follower. Broker talk to both leaders and followers. They key ppl cuz they pass info to lower status. The leaders don’t talk directly to followers D. study results 1. leader role – highest satisfaction w/ school. Best attendance, health,
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exam 2 (2) - Sociology lec 3 Tuesday Class 13 more Social...

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