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exam 3 (6.1) - however there are salary caps Upto $200k get...

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The sys is in financial crisis Satisfaction of patients decides who hold health care office position in ea province C. Myths about the Canadian health care sys 1. National health insurance leads to more bureaucratic red-tape and higher administrative costs wrong – they got rid of middle men. This has less admin costs 2. NHI interferes w/ doctor-patient relationship In Canada you can choose ANY doctor you want Docs don’t have to get anything preauthorized 3. NHI leads to long waits for treatment kinda true wait for tertiary care triage is used. The physician decides not insurance co in US less wait for tertiary care, but less ppl can get the care 4. NHI lowers quality of med care 5. NHI leads to rationing – THIS IS TRUE in us we’ve always had econ rationing and implicit and explicit rationing 6. NHI causes exodus of physicians no evidence that Canadian docs come to US for more $
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Unformatted text preview: however there are salary caps. Upto $200k get 100% if super-spet can earn more $ in us docs have advantage. No micromanagement by insurance co. docs decide all. Less paperwork too. we invest in tertiary care that helps less ppl Canada does opposite. They invest in primary and secondary. In Canada hospitals are full. If empty close. In need more, open another D. Summary Richer get better care in US Ezier to get crazy high tech care in US if got $ Ezier access to med care for general pop – Canada Lifespan, lower infant mortality – Canada Citizen satisfaction – Canada Bang for buck – Canada Could we import the Canadian sys in US? Prob not. We more resistant to having the govt run stuff. They always mess stuff up. Need to edu ppl about why the private health care sys has failed. We need to get a system that benefits everyone...
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