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Sociology Chapter 7 The Sick Role Illness as deviance Deviates from bio norm Disease-adverse physical state Illness – subjective state – causes some changes Sickness – social state – impaired social role Talcott parsons developed sick role – behavior person adopts when being sick Sociologists say sickness outside of bio and med cuz can be influenced by society Pattern of treatment (removal from society and treatment by specialists) allows person who physically sick to be similar to insane person who goes to asylum or criminal who goes to prison. Therefore can define sickness as deviance (from soc norms) The functionalist approach to deviance There are norms of society. It “functional” cuz counter dysfunctional stuff (crime…) Functionalist theorists say changes in one part social sys affect all other parts “”say that sickness is dsyfun cuz it also can interfere w/ stability of soc sys The Sick Role Parsons – wrote book to explain complex functionalist model of society. Included sick
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