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Lec 8 Missed fist 11 Can lower hear rate, bp…by control w/ mind (yogis…) Top pg 15 The attempt to account for complex cognitive behave or simple learning in terms of behaviorist (human behavior) principles was a dismal failure. Not even close to accounting for how make connection btw 2 words like misty and rounded Experimental and behaviorists both think humans motivated by pleasure? We close to mother. Have son, lose son. Have daughter, gain son. Dl ch.3-7 Chapter 2 p.30 ppl like ot suppress pysch pain to love urself, become emotionally aware + bodily process aware (cuz emotions expressed there) James Pinnabaker If a sample is not representative of a population, your data and your experiment is worthless, worthless in the sense that you cannot generalize to the population. Therefore,
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Unformatted text preview: representative is extremely important. P42 descriptive stats (no quests, just familiarize) Inferential stats 2 groups, control, exper. If what you did have no effect, then the 2 groups should have same score Allows to asses the prob that that event would have occured by chance alone If happen 5/100, experimentalists will say that his experiment worked Validity it measures what it says it measures No responsible for subtypes of validity or reliability Not centered in love, they want power/control. More pwr, control, less love We all over controling Suppressing emotions is control try to control what we feel,think...
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