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exam 2 (1) - person Golden rule is false – do to others...

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New Material for EXAM 2 Psychology ch. 14 Friday, October 12, 2007 This chapter really bout love, but they say its “attachment” Children are biologically prepared to be “socialized” – they don’t say love How some1 know they loved: 1) person physically present 2) when feel emotionally understood this chapter all bout love and loss of love. p.497 mysticism – feel one w/ the world around you and w/ the person (lover) empathy is essence of love Lewis – The complete Theory of Love – ties bio and psych She found no correlation btw how well a kid did and the amt of time mother spent w/ kid Securely attached children – those who perform best, were not by mom picking up… Secure attachment comes from when hug child when want hug. Put down when want to be put down. Feed when he hungry… Parent has to read signals and interact w/ you, so kid has some control too To be empathetic, must be self-aware. That’s only way can sense whats going on w/ other
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Unformatted text preview: person. Golden rule is false. – do to others as you want to have done to you. If good to self, good to other ppl. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Mystic says that they are same. Hurt him, hurt urself. Same w/ kids. Try and hold kid when he wants to leave just drives him away. p. 497 Attachment in Infancy Love is a primary re-enforcer. It is innate. Food is also primary re-enforcer. Behaviorist theory (44:00) We want to be loved by bio parents 1) adopted children are over reped in every prob area (mental illness, crime…) 2) adopted and step are more likely to be physically and sex abused 3) no matter how hard try, foster parents just don’t have the same connections as they would/do have w/ their real kids all children have to deal w/ issues of abandonment and identity not just physical abandonment, but also mental/emotional (loss of love) identity – who am i? look to grandparents, uncles…...
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