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exam 2 (2) - General psych/19/07 mental illness later on in...

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General psych Lec 12 10/19/07 “mental illness” later on in life can be caused by early loss in life which later triggered bio response is to give them meds. This may help, but there is another alternative model (1:30) bad and good experiences both change brain chemistry Lewis et. al. – A general Theory of Love When only meet physical needs, but not emotional (love) baby monkeys die. Love is a primary need. Brain is altered by love or no love. These monkeys more brutal. -Poor mothering also impacts brain development. When mother preoccupied w/ survival (gathering food), not as attentive to baby these monkeys show more despair, changed brain. However, these changes not so big so under certain circumstances he appears stable, but not always stable. These monkeys are proof limbic system. They timid, clingy, not as socially adept. They are neurotic. Therefore, inattentive (stressed) parent can hurt the child. Fortunately, brain can change/adapt. Messed up monkey can be fixed by putting w. good
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