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Friday November 2, 2007 Psychology Lec 16 Ch. 7 Ppl are less rational than we think. We more emotional . Emotion drives actions. Illusion – edu will solve social ills (sex, drugs, obesity…) Just cuz know what’s good doesn’t mean you’ll do what’s good Ppl have addictions to avoid feeling pain/emotion that we don’t want to look at. Hard to give up. ie smoking is emotional. Serves emotional purposes. the power of unconscious. Mind distorts things to avoid emotion.
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Unformatted text preview: Use food to fill emotional gaps. Noncompliance is #1 prob in medicine Will power is overexagerated Edu is overrated to change social ills Not about willpower, bout emotion Ppl don’t change cuz afraid of emotional turmoil Connection btw love and creativity. Have to love what youre doing to be creativity Just cuz intelligent not neccess creative...
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