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Tuesday Nov 6, 2007 Psychology Chapter 9 Mysticism – love and conciousness refer to same mystery…conciousness cant be defined False self – expression of mercantile mentality. We think too much, most is pointless Things occur outside of our awareness Different levels of awareness Beeper study – kids reported neg emotions when w/ families in a 10 to 1 ratio Stuff in us that we know but don’t want to know Dreams can give u info that person cant tell u Hypnosis and memory (p.310) Cocnl’s 1) is there really an altered state of conciousness 2) can u use hypnosis to recover repressed memories? a. Still controversial p.309 Meditiation is not about producing an altered state of conciousness Normal conciousness is an altered state. We are living out of a false self. We are out of
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Unformatted text preview: touch w/ who we are. We are always thinking – our number 1 addiction . All other addictions serve same function – cut us off from emotion. Blocks reality. Number 2 addiction – doing – running away from emotions. Avoiding dealing certain probs Meditiation – the elegant/end purpose is to put us in connection w/ our trueself. Does it by diminishing our addiction w/ thought. Meditation was intended by the buddah as a way of managing our emotions. Thinking defends against emotions Its about increasing your awareness Buddah says ppl are asleep. If wake up they angry. Meditation is about waking up. Religious experience is all about love. Exam Friday 80 mc, t/f...
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