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exam 2 (9) - Imeshment and fusion – when losing urself...

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10/16/07 read rest of ch14 85% overall is A ch.14 perceived security, not food, is the crucial elemnt in forming attachment relationships in primates. Way touch and feel conveys love But also need freedom to be put down when want tobe Tone is also imp How we look/gaze. Imp way of how communicate love Monkeys and humans comforted by blankets, dolls, dogs…cuz they reliable, give sense of security. Transitional objects. Kids feel they have control over em. Pacifiers We all need ways to soothe our selves When lose love reluctant to love again Ppl/feelings are logical but they psychological Suppressing a person’s feelings after hurt/loss can have an even worse effect Empathy is the essence of love Sympathy is just an emotional connection Empathy requires greater connection/understanding Cant love or empathize too much Love is growth Empathy - Entering into the other person’s world w/o losing touch w/ ur own world
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Unformatted text preview: Imeshment and fusion – when losing urself and completely going into other person “Burn the empathetic bridge” – need to do this to hurt/kill killers lack empathy, they usu not crazy one way to gauge capacity of love – gauge how empathetic they are attachment – indirect way of looking at love part of way to love child is to discipline, and how discipline the 4 c’s of discipline Clear about what can/can’t do + consequences Consistently enforce the rule Consequence for breaking it. Kid needs to know in advance. Need to apply it Natural consequences are best. If wet bed, make him clean Caring – do in a caring context. Focus on teaching, not punishing Never suppress kids’ feelings. Ways loved as child influence love relationships later in life...
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