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exam 3 (1) - one neg emotion leads to others They go...

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Psychology Lec 1 Friday November 16, 2007 Sex w/o love is bout pwr control Sex w/o love leads to high divorce rate, loss of sex desire Feeling allows to value things (ie. one person over another) =>ppl shut down from feelings gonna have difficulty making decisions, cuz cant eval true meanings of things Men are at least as emotional as women.(NOT FACT) But they out of touch w/ em -More male fetuses than female. They die more in birth. Nature balances -Men suppress psych probs cuz society. They die earlier. Also have more psych probs be4 puberty -when spouse dies, women take it better
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Unformatted text preview: one neg emotion leads to others. They go 2gether emotion – disturbance of natural peace and joy- “to move away from” natural state of peace and joy =>love is not emotion shame – guilt is milder form of shame shame is the master emotion – shame cuts off awareness of other emotions. Most painful suppression of emotion actually arouses you, cuz body working to keep that emotion out of awareness we are “wired” to make emotional evaluations. Its evo feature to survive. But also neocortex tells us to think be4 act...
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