Exam 3(3) - w something psychodynamic theorists chose not to use science cuz its crude methods can only do so much Observation more pwrful Cant

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Psychology Lec 3 Friday 11/30/07 Final Exam Covers ch. 10, 11, 12, 15, 16 only No social support, or neg soc support kills you All illness correlated w/ loneliness Ch. 12 personality Freud 2 drives love/agression James 1 drive – drive to lover, grow, connect. But when this thwarted, this loss of love brings shame, anger, aggression defense mechs – keeping unwanted emotions away. Defend against stuff that makes you anxious we need defense mechanisms. They serve function. Cant take away w/o replacing them
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Unformatted text preview: w. something psychodynamic theorists chose not to use science, cuz its crude methods can only do so much. Observation more pwrful. Cant bring certain things into lab clinical work has given more info than labs we emotional + unconscience of why we do what we do sin is separation from love. So if love god, stop the sinning. St agustine says love god and sin, cuz will always go back to the love of god...
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