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Tuesday 12/4/07 Psych lec 4 85% total grade is an A for final: ch. 10,11,12,15,16 100 questions Ch. 15 There is no such thing as a normal human being. Everyone struggles. Love = truth, reality Psychiatrists still haven’t solved the reliability prob. They have made progress however. American pyshc association say they have solved reliability prob. JAMES doesn’t agree ; Reliability prob is no solved. Ppl abuse substances to alter mood. To feel or not feel something
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Unformatted text preview: Most ppl think that the key to personal change is willpower JAMES – NOT TRUE. Will power only helps w/ superficial changes. Deep changes are much more difficult. Willpower is overestimated. Its more a question of letting go the things that stop us from being fully present. We cant make ourselves be aware of who we are. We have to let go and let happen....
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