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robert frost - Robert Frost One of the most talented and...

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Robert Frost One of the most talented and well-known poets of the 20 th century is without a doubt Robert Frost. Frost’s achievements were enormous; a four-time Pulitzer Prize winner, founder of poetry groups, a school, and was even a teacher himself. The pastoral settings and day-to-day activities that his poems embody hold a much deeper meaning. Frost’s comparisons of mankind to nature are themes that every reader can relate to. This element of Frost’s poetry is the main reason for his widespread popularity. Robert Frost was born in San Francisco to Isabelle Moody and William Prescott Frost Jr. After the death of his father, Frost and his mother moved to Lawrence, Massachusetts to live with his father’s parents. After high school, Frost attended both Dartmouth College and Harvard University but each only for a few months. Frost could not continue because he had to work to help his mother support the family. In 1895 Frost married Elinor White. Frost, his wife, and their six children moved from New Hampshire to England and then back to the U.S due to his growing popularity in the poetry community. When living in England, Frost kept company with fellow poets such as Edward Thomas and Ezra Pound. After returning to the states, Frost taught at Amherst College and Michigan University. He also helped found the Bread Loaf School and the Conference of English. Frost continued to achieve great success with his work although his personal life was heading downhill. Frost’s wife died in 1938 and was followed by four of her children. Frost suffered severe depression and found comfort from his secretary and advisor Kathleen Morrison. Despite these hardships, Frost still continued
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with his work. He taught his classes, led poetry readings, and even attended the inauguration of John F. Kennedy to recite some of his own works. The ideas in Frost’s work are used time and time again. They can even be found in the media today. S.E Hinton uses one of Frost’s most well-known poems “Nothing Gold Can Stay” to represent one of the major themes in her novel “The Outsiders”. The poem uses changing leaves and the course of a day to represent the theme of lost
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robert frost - Robert Frost One of the most talented and...

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