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The Iliad: Some Terms The following terms and concepts should immediately call to mind material you've read and which we've gone over in class. If any of these terms or names strike you as unfamiliar, be sure to make them familiar -- use the introduction and the glossary in the Lattimore translation of the Iliad and I strongly urge you to read chapter 19 in the Powell text (on reserve at the library) for additional information. For the places and characters, you should be able to state a few important facts for each term, e.g.: "Agamemnon, king of Sparta. Supreme commander of the Greeks. Brother of Menelaos. In conflict with Achilles because…” and so on. Dating of the Iliad The “Homeric Question” Composition of the Iliad (oral, written) Epic poetry Epic cycle Dactylic hexameter Arete Patronymic Poetic Devices Aristeia Stock epithet Epic simile Ring composition Ecphrasis Cast of Characters in the Iliad The Greeks (=Achaeans, Argives, Danaans) Achilles Agamemnon
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Ajax son of Telamon Ajax son of Oileus
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