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Unformatted text preview: CLCIV 115 (Fall 2006) Topics for Writing Assignment #3 Below are the possible topics for your third writing assignment of this course. Essays should be 4-6 pages (1000-1500 words) in length. Within your papers, please make sure to make specific references to the texts, citing each source and giving credit to any ideas that are not originally yours. The universitys guidelines for academic dishonesty are available online and will be taken quite seriously, especially in the case of plagiarism. This writing assignment is worth a total of 40 points. 10 points will be assigned to the first draft of the paper which is due in your discussion section next week (Nov. 16/17). This paper will then be read, commented on, and returned to you in the following discussion section meeting so that you can revise it for a final submission in section on Dec. 7/8. This final submission will then be graded out of a possible 30 points. To see our guidelines for determining grades on this writing assignment, please see the Syllabus page of the courses Compass...
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