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The Causes of the Trojan War Homer does not inform us at all of the oath Helen's suitors swore, nor does he make an explicit reference to the famous judgment of Paris -- but instead, in the very last book of the Iliad (24.25- 30), we read: There this was pleasing to all the others, but never to Hera nor Poseidon, nor the girl of gray eyes [Athene], who kept still their hatred for sacred Ilion as in the beginning, and for Priam and his people, because of the delusion of Paris who insulted the goddesses when they came to him in his courtyard and favored her who supplied the lust that led to disaster. Other authors do, however, flesh out the story of the oath of the suitors and the judgment of Paris Homer merely alludes to above, including the first two excerpts found below, probably written in the 1 st or 2 nd century AD. In any event, what you read below was written long after the Iliad became popular. 3.11: Helen and her suitors The kings of Greece came to Sparta to seek the hand of Helen. [A long list of suitors is named which includes Odysseus, Aias, Protesilaos, Teucros, and Patroclus]. When Tyndareus saw the throng of suitors, he was afraid that if he picked out one of them, the rest would turn to violence. Odysseus promised, however, that if Tyndareus would help him to gain the hand of Penelope, he would suggest a means by which all dissension could be averted; and when Tyndareus promised his help, Odysseus told him to make all the suitors swear an oath that they would come to the aid of the chosen bridegroom if he were ever injured by another with regard to his marriage. On hearing this advice, Tyndareus made the suitors swear the oath, and while he himself chose Menelaos as a bridegroom for Helen, he asked Icarios to grant Penelope in marriage to Odysseus. 3.13: The Trojan War: The judgment of Paris and abduction of Helen
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trojanwarcauses - The Causes of the Trojan War Homer does...

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