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Kines 201 Review for test one

Kines 201 Review for test one - Kines 201 Review for test...

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Kines 201 Review for test one Harriet Beecher – Believed the mind and the body should work together. Luther Gulick – Stood for the importance of play in children. Health Related Testing Educate participants about present health related fitness status Provide data for development of an exercise prescription Provide baseline and follow up data to evaluate progress Motivate clients by establishing reasonable goals Stratify cardiovascular risk 2007 ACSM Guidelines. Moderate or vigorous 30 min for moderate 20 min for vigorous 5 days/week for moderate 3 days/week for vigorous Purpose – promote and maintain health Components of a Training Session - Warm Up/ Endurance / Cool Down/ Flexibility. Warm UP- 5-10 minutes, Endurance – 20-60minutes, 64/70-94 HRmax. 40/50-85% HRR -Methods , Steady State, Intervals, Circuit. Cool- Down : 5-10 Minutes. V02R 40/50- 85% Flexibility 1.Plastic – permanent lengthening of soft tissues such as ligaments and tendons
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2. Elastic – temporary lengthening of muscle tissue elastic properties Static Stretching - Involves slowly stretching a muscle to the point of tightness without pain and then holding that position for a length of time (ACSM Reccomends) Ballistic- Uses rapid, jerky, bouncy movements to induce momentum to produce muscle stretch (ACSM doesn’t recommend) Proprioreceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation -
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