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Immunobiology Bio 3312/5310 Exam 1 Name _____________________ For each question select the Correct answer 1. A molecule that is an antigen but is not an immunogen is called a(n) A) adjuvant. B) carrier. C) hapten. D) mitogen. E) superantigen. 2. The immunoglobulin isotype is determined by the 3. The antigen-combining site of an antibody molecule determines its allotype. A) True B) False 4. Human MHC Class II proteins are called HLA DP, HLA DQ, and HLA DR. A) True B) False 5. Lymphatic capillaries collect? A) Lymph. B) Blood. C) Spinal fluid. D) T cells. E) B cells. Page 1
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6. Class II MHC from a macrophage which has not phagocytosed foreign antigen will not be expressed on the plasma membrane. A) True B) False Match the following: 7. Rabbit anti-mouse epsilon chain will bind A) Mouse gamma chain 8. Rabbit anti-mouse IgG Fc will bind B) Human IgG 9. Mouse anti-human mu chain will bind C) Mouse IgE 10. Goat anti-human gamma chain will bind D) Human alpha chain 11. Mouse anti-human IgA will bind E) Human naive B cells 12. Stromal cells aid in the differentiation of what type of cells? 13. The endocytic processing pathway is performed only by macrophages. 14. People with type A blood have "natural" anti-B antibody in their serum, made to polysaccharide antigens on intestinal bacteria that share epitopes with type B RBC. To detect anti-B in serum, you could NOT use A) agglutination. B) complement lysis. C) ELISA. D) precipitation. E) RIA 15. The thyroid is part of the MALT. Page 2
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