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Victor Carrillo September 15, 2008 Fernando 2:00- 2:50 Paper 1 The image presented is Egyptian done in traditionally with the frontal view of the torso with the legs and head in profile. The figures do not seem to be of royal kinship as they are depicted naked and with normal bodies. Most royal figures are depicted as being literal representations of gods with god-like bodies. The figures sex seems ambiguous, but I think they are depictions of female figures because of the elongated head, large lips, jewelry, and what seems to be a faint breast. The figures hold some sort of emotional bond with each other because of the way one figure is gently holding the other figures head, like siblings more so than lovers. The scale of the piece is hard to tell so their hierarchal importance is difficult to perceive because most of the time the smaller the
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Unformatted text preview: figure the less important it is and sometime children are just depicted and small people; so they may even be children. They are not of the lowest class because of their jewelry and makeup but they don’t strike me as having much importance. The artist used very natural tones such as brown, orange, and yellow which gives it an earthy feel. The blue colors contrast the earth tones and remind me of water. The colors and style remind me of the “olep” at Krannert as vessels such as that one take advantage of the orange tone of the clay and use it, instead of covering it. The Orange background doesn’t seem to be painted on which leads me to believe that it is some kind of vessel, maybe a bow; depicting life of commoners in Egypt....
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