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The article "Chicana Studies in a Pluralistic Society: Contributing to Multiculturalism" discusses the disproportionate qualities of chicano study programs in California. When the article was written Hispanics composed 26 percent of the nations 30 million people but only 4 percent of its faculty. It also discussed the lack of Chincano studies in these perdominantly hispanic colleges during that time period and gave reasons for why they were nesecarry, thereby showing the stuggle they had to face to get these programs in place. During lecture Professor Romero spoke
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Unformatted text preview: of the recent dissinterst in chicano studies and how many programs were being cut because they werent being filled up or because of the poor achievment of students.-What has changed since the chicano movement that has caused such a depreciation of what those people fought for us to enjoy? Is assimilation to blame? If so, how?-What can be done to raise awareness and interst in these programs? How can the work of the great chicano activist's be salvaged?...
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