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BBF_Ch_2_Colonial Study Guide

BBF_Ch_2_Colonial Study Guide - transculturation examples...

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Key Words and Concepts BBF Chapter II: Colonial Crucible Page : Key words and concepts : 58 Illustration and caption. Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz; role of convents in colonial society; know dates and events on this time line. 59 How long did the Spanish and the Portuguese rule last? Colonization was more than just political rule by outsiders, it was...? 60 key economic activities in colonial LA Potosi; “The Royal Fifth” 62 viceroyalties, viceroys, viceregal- 62 on Brazil produced? How is Brazil contrasted to Spanish America, and what accounted for the contrast? 65 hegemony; how does he use Sor Juana as an illustration of this? Top of p. 67 has a key element of hegemony; what is one of the clearest examples of hegemony; who controlled educational institutions; what was patriarchy; role of honor; tithe- 70-1 role of cities in LA 71 on
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Unformatted text preview: transculturation; examples from religion; Virgin of Guadalupe; how did it occur in cities and why; how did worship of Virgin of Guadalupe illutrate both transculturation and hegemony? (75); 75 on What are fringe areas; implications for social inequaity there; Wild West element of fringes; usefulness and limits of “core/fringe” distinction (82) 89 on bandeirantes-80 quilombo-Zumbi 82 various forms of race mixing; Xica da Silva “sailor boys” 83 caste system; “money whitens”; role of caste paintings; lobo, coyote; What were the implications of this, and could people maneuver within it? 85 Gracias al sacar; by 1800 what percent of LA was mixed race; Counter currents: 88-91 What did each of these revolts mean, did they impact the situations: Gonzalo Pizarro; indigenous revolts; quilombos and palenques?...
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