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BBF_Ch_3_Independence Study Guide - 101 llaneros-102 What...

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Key words and Concepts Chapter III: Independence All pages numbers are approximate Page : Key Word (in italics) or concept : 90 illustration of Bolivar; his class and racial background; his role in Independence; know the timeline; 91 first paragraph summarizes key elements of independence 93-94 What were the agendas and impacts of the French Revolution, liberalism, Enlightenment, and the subsequent Napoleonic wars in Europe, then in the colonies of Latin America? 95 legitimacy- 97-100 The Spanish American Rebellion was initiated by whom, for what reasons? What was Father Miguel Hidalgo's role in relation to the rebellion? 96 cabildo abierto
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Unformatted text preview: 101 llaneros-102 What is nativism , and how was this manipulated by the Creoles? Ex. Brazil. 106 on Agustin de Iturbide and Vicente Guerrero joined forces and accomplished? 110-112 Impacts of independence, revolutionary movements, why the term “unfinished revolutions”? Counter currents: This section is relevant both to the history of Latin American Independence but also to the topic of stereotypes and images of Latin America, seen in the early part of the class. What were key reasons for the interest of foreigners in LA? What stereotypes about LA are expressed in the quotes from travel narratives?...
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BBF_Ch_3_Independence Study Guide - 101 llaneros-102 What...

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