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BBF_Ch_4_Postindependence Study Guide

BBF_Ch_4_Postindependence Study Guide - 129 role of...

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Key words and Concepts Chapter 4 Postcolonial Blues All pages numbers are approximate Page : Key Word (in italics) or concept : 119 obstacles facing first LA governments 120 what characterized the first postcolonial generation? 120-on why was liberal vision difficult to implement in LA? why did liberals fail to gain power from Independence to 1850s? Why does Chasteen label this period “Liberal Disappointment”? 121 Conservative vs Liberal attitudes to religion 120 on know key Conservative-Liberal distinctions 122-23 key economic problems in postindependence LA 125 on what is patronage politics? 125 on what is caudillo leadership? 126 on who were Juan Manuel de Rosas and Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and what caudillo traits did they have?
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Unformatted text preview: 129 role of elections and constitutions in this period 130 on basically, how was Brazil's post independence government different from the rest of LA? 135 Peons and patrones 136 what class held balance of power in LA? 137 Caste War of Yucatan 138 how cultural hegemony reinforced minority rule in LA, and why certain Mayan and slave rebels could resist this? 139 changes in women ʼ s status? 140 who was Camila O'Gorman and why was she executed? 143 summary of key trends 1825-50 Countercurrents Key feature of LA relation to outside world, 144 US war on Mexico over Texas Monroe doctrine Who were embodiments of civilization and Progress for LA?...
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BBF_Ch_4_Postindependence Study Guide - 129 role of...

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