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BBF_Introduction Study Guide - independence for each nation...

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Page numbers are approximate in some cases. Page number : Terms and concepts 15 It is through the process of conquest and colonization that has brought Latin America to where it is today. 16 It is a young area in term of population age, old landscapes (esp. cultural), well versed in languages. Urbanization in LA. Contrasts among LA countries. 17 Illustrations of ethnic complexity. The ties to Europe are strong, especially in relation to Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is worth while to note that the majority of the slave brought to the New World ended up here. 18 mestizo - an individual whose ethnic background is a blend of indigenous and European heritage. Also see definition in Glossary at back of the book. Brazil is the 5 th largest country in the world. Remembering that each country’s history is different, but
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Unformatted text preview: independence for each nation came at roughly the same time. 19-20 The Spanish and Portuguese colonized this area of the world at beginning at roughly A.D. 1500. Major changes occurred when the regions adopted the political philosophies of (know what he means by these) liberalism and nationalism . 20-21 Descendants of which people hold most of the power in LA? Descendants of which people serve them? There emerged a huge discrepancy between the rich and poor, which created continual problems throughout the regions history. U.S. stereotypes of LA mentioned here. 22 This map will be an important reference throughout the course. Memorize the countries on the map (dont worry about Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana). 23 Dependency theory...
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BBF_Introduction Study Guide - independence for each nation...

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