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sociology final review - Final Review Questions and Brief...

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Final Review Questions and Brief Summary BELOW IS A VERY BRIEF SUMMARY OF TURNER’S AND GOFFMAN’S ARTICLE, I SUGGEST YOU SKIM THE ARTICLE TO GET A BASIC GRASP. YOUR BOOK AND LECTURE EXPLICATES THE CONCEPT OF ROLE BETTER SO FOCUS ON THE BOOK AND LECTURE MORE. Turner, “Role Taking, Role Standpoint, and Reference Group Behavior” The Meaning of Role Taking Role taking – process of looking, expecting, and anticipating another person’s behavior by viewing it in the context of the “other” Role – behavior of a person occupying a certain status o Role refers to behavior NOT a position because a person can’t occupy a role, they can only enact a role o A role is a set of norms Role Taking vs. Role Playing o Role taking – construction of the other’s role o Role playing – enactment of what you perceive to be another person’s role Alternative Classifications of Role Taking o Different ways of categorize role taking Empathic ability, gestures, projection Standpoint in Role Taking o Taking the role of the other may or may not include adopting the standpoint (point of view) of the other Reflexiveness in Role Taking o Reflexive vs. Nonreflexive Reflexive – seeing yourself as an object Reflexive role taking – Reflecting the expectations or evaluations of others Reflexiveness is connected with self consciousness Goffman’s “Arts of Impression Management” Successfully staging a character o The performer (us) requires expressive responsibility, avoiding “unmeant gestures,” and protective and defensive measures (by performers and audience) o Defensive attributes and practices require dramaturgical loyalty, dramaturgical discipline, and dramaturgical circumspection, o Protective practices include tact Socialization Lecture 13 What are the “limits” of socialization?
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What provides the possibilities of socialization?
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