EXAM II based on Thinkwell[1]

EXAM II based on Thinkwell[1] - 1 Based on the video 6.2.1...

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EXAM II Exam II is based on the remaining material from Thinkwell. You are given 5 potential questions ahead of time in order to study and to prepare your thoughts. On the day of the exam, two questions will be eliminated and you will have 3 remaining questions. In doing so, you will answer 2 out of the remaining 3 questions. Each answer should be legible, one-sided, double-spaced and close to 2 pages in length. Be thorough and specific. Please proofread so your answers make sense and are free from errors. You will need college-ruled binder paper and pen. Recognize that each question is worth 5 points each (10 points total). Exam II is worth 10% of your final grade. CHEAT SHEET: you are allowed ______________ to assist you during the exam. TIME LIMIT: you will only have ____________ to complete your exam.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Based on the video: 6.2.1 Principles of Persuasive Speaking : What can we conclude about Persuasive Speaking? 2. Based on the videos 6.2.2 Types of Persuasive Speeches and 6.2.3 Nature of Propositions : What are some implications about the Trichotomy of Persuasive Speaking? How should one approach giving each type of speech? 3. Based on the video 6.4.1 Constructing Arguments : What conclusions can be made about arguments in general? What conclusion can be made about building arguments? 4. Based on the video 6.3.1: Motivating the Listener : What can be said about motivating an audience? How should one ethically approach the task of motivation? 5. Based on the videos 6.4.2 Avoiding Fallacy and 6.4.3 Testing Evidence : How should a speaker go about being logically sound and factually accurate?...
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