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Daniel Pearson Ms. Shackelford Journal Entry Day Million “Day Million” by FrederikPohl serves as a narrative that explores the future while forcing the reader to consider his or her own position in history versus other times. By describing eccentric futuristic situations, Pohl compels one to view everything as an outside observer without a time-based bias. The story takes place roughly a thousand years from the present, and the narrator classifies it as a love story between a boy and a girl. Immediately afterwards, however, Pohl describes various discrepancies between the reader’s vision of a love story and the situation which he describes, stating, “The boy was not what you and I would normally think of as a boy, because he was a hundred and eighty-seven years old. Nor was the girl a girl, for other reasons; and the love story did not entail that sublimation of the urge to rape and concurrent
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Unformatted text preview: postponement of the instinct to submit which we at present in such matters.” Later, the narrator continues to account for differences between time periods by demonstrating the differences in love-making while maintaining that present love-making is not superior to the future’s: “If I tell you with what sweet fulfillment she fits the analogue of Don into the symbol manipulator, hooks herself in and turns herself on. ..And yet I assure you, friend, I really do assure you that Dora’s ecstasies are as creamy and passionate as any of James Bond’s lady spies.” In conclusion, Pohl knocks over the pedestal upon which “modern” society places itself by illustrating a superior future and asking what people of the past would think of our society....
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