HA115Quiz-F2003 - charming individuals who are sincere and...

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H.A. 115 Quiz #2 Instructions: Please answer the following question and email it to [email protected] by midnight – November 24, 2003. Feel free to use your notes and text but do not discuss your
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answer with your classmates. Please remember that the Academic Integrity Code applies to this and all exams.
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Of the 7 different types of difficult behaviors that may cause interpersonal conflict, identify and define the 2 you were most likely to use in your group. What is the best strategy for coping with each of these difficult behaviors? While working in my group, there were a couple of times when I found myself behaving in a superagreeable manner. Accoring to the text, “superagreeable behavior is often exhibited by
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Unformatted text preview: charming individuals who are sincere and helpful to your face, but fail to do what they promise when you leave”(365). There were a few particular times when our group agreed on each doing our own part of the paper and sending it to someone by a certain time. A couple of these times, I would say that I’d get my part in by 11pm, and wouldn’t send it over until much later. Even if I knew that I had so much work to do that night, I would tell the group that I would have my part completed by the set time in order to avoid conflict....
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HA115Quiz-F2003 - charming individuals who are sincere and...

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