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Views on abortion

Views on abortion - an average mammal Potential does not...

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Views on Abortion Position Moral permissibility Fetal status Don Marquis at conception Where to 'draw the  line' Judith Jarvis  Thompson tries to  moderate  the  conservative  view right to life does not  guarantee right to another  persons body abortion is  immoral,  except in  rare cases,  and is  comparable  to murder of  an adult abortion deprives the possible  life of all of its future  expiriences, happiness,  activities, projects, etc. fetus possess a property and should be  considered human from conceptipn Mary Anne  Warren nothing  outweighs a  woman's  right to have  an abortion when fetus has  proven all five  characteristics of a  person a fetus does not deserve the  same rights as a person, as a  fetus is less person like than 
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Unformatted text preview: an average mammal. Potential does not deserve the right to life nothing overrides the right of the woman, additionaly, a fetus does not yet have the traits to qualify as a person Margaret Little abortion is a weighty matter regardless of whether the fetus is a person or not abortion not only kills a fetus, but the value that the life of a child possess Views on Abortion The Pope at conception abortion is morally impermissible not only on the part of the mother, but the doctor and all parties involved from the time the ovum is fertilized, a life has begun. "it would never be made human if it were not human already"...
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Views on abortion - an average mammal Potential does not...

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