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FINAL EXAM REVIEW GRG-305, Prof. Adams Fall 2007 Note: the exam will be held in WEL 1.308, the regular class room It will be 9:00 am - 12:00 noon, Monday, Dec. 17 1. How does geography differ from sciences like psychology, biology, and geology? 2. What kind of perspective on the world, generally speaking, qualifies as “geographical”? 3. What are some major areas of interest within Human Geography? 4. What are three general types of culture regions? (give an example of each) a. Formal – connected by one or more cultural trait b. Functional – linked by some sort of system c. Vernacular – perceived by its inhabitants 5. What are four general types of diffusion? (give an example of each) a. Cultural diffusion - An increase in the spatial extent of a particular culture trait or culture complex either through movement of people through space (migration) or through the adoption of a culture trait by other groups. b. Expansion diffusion – ideas or practices spread throughout a population c. Relocation diffusion – individuals or groups with particular ideas migrate from one location to another d. Hierarchical diffusion – ideas leapfrog from one important person to another or from one urban center to another a) Pop culture e. Contagious diffusion – wavelike spread of ideas in the manner of a contagious disease, moving throughout space without regard to hierarchies f. Stimulus diffusion – specific trait is rejected but underlying idea is accepted 6. Give 3 examples of mentifacts, artifacts and sociofacts. 7. How does the global distribution of religions shape the production of meat? 8. How does 19 th century colonialism relate to the current political outlook in the Middle East and Africa?
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9. Why does language often diffuse hierarchically while agricultural innovations more often demonstrate contagious expansion diffusion? 10. Why do cultural innovations tend to arrive at College Station somewhat later than
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305finlrevuD - FINAL EXAM REVIEW GRG-305 Prof Adams Fall...

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