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More Than Human - regarding morality as a sort of limiting...

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Daniel Pearson Ms. Shackelford Journal Entry More Than Human – Morality Humans, as a species, dedicate themselves to a societal self-improvement. Recently, the majority of this self-improvement has taken the form of technological improvements. More Than Human , by Theodore Sturgeon, suggests that the next step in the development of the human species demands progress in morality. Shortcomings of human attempts at morality reveal themselves first in the character Mr. Kew. Mr. Kew considers himself living with the highest moral standards but his abusive and repressive nature distills any hope of him living a truly moral life – and he eventually murders one of his daughters in anger. As the antithesis of Mr. Kew, Gerry lives without any consideration of morality because of his unmatched power. He murders and manipulates people,
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Unformatted text preview: regarding morality as a sort of limiting agent that applies only to the weak, non-gestalt humans. The homo gestalt species that arises from separate entities in Theodore’s novel stagnates in a near-complete stage until merging with Hip, the moral aspect of homo gestalt . Since homo gestalt is the next level of human evolution, Sturgeon implies that in order for society to progress, we must develop a stronger set of ethics and morals – ethos. Hip explains that ethos “is a code which requires belief rather than obedience” (p. 181). Although Sturgeon does not cite specifics, he elucidates that society must adopt a series of beliefs in which all actions serve to better humanity. Once society learns to do this, Sturgeon argues humanity will enter an unprecedented age....
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