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BIO 311C April 16, 2008 You require bring only a number 2 pencil (and perhaps a back-up pencil) to the exam. No calculators, computers or other materials will be permitted during the exam. The Exam will begin promptly at 9:00, or as soon as all students are seated, all items are stored under seats, and the room is quiet. You will be given until 9:55 to complete the exam Graded exams will be returned during your next discussion period (April 21 - 22). Exam 3 on Friday (April 18) in this room during the class period
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DNA Proofreading During Replication DNA polymerase is almost error-free in inserting new nucleotides into the growing polypeptide chain, but occasionally a mistake does occur (approximately 1 in 10 5 nucleotides inserted is incorrect). DNA polymerase is actually part of a larger aggregation of proteins called a replication complex. A site on this complex is able to detect that an incorrect nucleotide has been inserted, and remove the incorrectly inserted nucleotide.
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