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Ethnography 2 - Daniel Pearson Ethnographic Study An...

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Daniel Pearson Ethnographic Study An Ethnographic Study –The Penn State Creamery Every day many people--including famous celebrities such as President Clinton, Tom Ridge, Joe Paterno, Lynn Swann, Bob Costas, Bill Cowher, and Martha Stewart, just to name a few--stop at the Creamery to enjoy their favorite ice cream flavors. ( http://www.creamery.psu.edu/AboutUs.htm ) A University Creamery Many modern universities host their own creamery; however, only the Berkey Creamery in the Pennsylvania State University can boast as the largest university creamery in the nation, processing over four million pounds of milk ( http://www.creamery.psu.edu/ ). Living several blocks from this campus landmark, I observe and study its distinguishing features – the building’s appearance, history, social atmosphere, and ice cream quality. My first trip begins with an analysis of the exterior. Lights illuminate the outside seating on this busy Saturday night. Correspondingly, large glass windows allow passersby to witness the customers enjoying their desserts. The impeccable appearance of the red-brick structure reveals that the university recently rebuilt the facility. I find an abandoned brochure which confirms my deduction lying on an unoccupied table. This informative piece of literature also provides an explanation to the reputable freshness of their ice cream: “only four days elapse between the cow and your newly dipped cone” (Pennsylvania State University Creamery Brochure). I enter the famed vendor wondering if the ice cream quality matches the aesthetic appearance of the facility.
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Daniel Pearson Ethnographic Study Peachy Paterno The line of a dozen other customers follows a C-shaped counter. I spot other snack foods scattered throughout the creamer, including a freezer full of ice cream – the same ice cream for which we wait in line. The freezer doors remain closed during my entire stay.
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