Community - In this extremely cold weather it becomes...

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Daniel Pearson dap5063 English 15, Section 65 Ms. McGovern The Uniqueness of My Community Ultimate Full of games and fun, recess has always served as a child’s sanctuary. In high school, this fact changes very little but one moves on to new and better games. High school introduced me to an incredibly unique sport – ultimate Frisbee. The functionality of the game itself corresponds to a fusion of soccer and football. That may not seem so unique; however, the community is certainly the defining factor in this upcoming sport. The uncanny devotion between the players coupled with the uncanny devotion to the game differentiates this sport from any other in which I have participated or observed. We would play in subfreezing temperatures in feet of snow and still dive for catches – which occasionally proved extremely painful.
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Unformatted text preview: In this extremely cold weather, it becomes incredibly difficult to catch a Frisbee but this only adds to the challenge and enjoyment. Such devotion, on the other hand, does not prevent joking around or get in the way of having fun in this sport. Jokes or playful tackling follows every play. There is never any true anger. We always welcome new players and never back down from a challenge from another team. When you play ultimate Frisbee, there are no problems, no homework, no worries, just Frisbee – just a flying disk and your only wish is to reach up and snatch it out of the air in the other end zone. To others, we probably look pretty ridiculous ruining clothes with diving catches and playing in subfreezing temperatures, but to us, this is bliss....
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Community - In this extremely cold weather it becomes...

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