Science Fiction Notes - Astounding Science Fiction Edgar...

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Science Fiction Notes Origins: Brian Aldiss: Frankenstein , Mary Shelly. 1818 Thomas Disch: Edgar Allan Poe. 1850s Samuel Delany: “Science Fiction”. 1926 Travelers’ Tales (Imperialism) Utopia (1516) – Sir Thomas More Emergence of science: 1600s Gothic Mythopoetic imagination: The Bible Modern consciousness of science and increase in technology Pulp magazines Increase in lower-middle class involvement Pulp Magazines: 1890: Cheap paper (sensational/formulaic fiction) 1896: Argosy , Frank Munsey. First pulp magazine 1912: All-Story . Successor of Argosy . Included A Princess of Mars 1924-1929: Science Wonder Stories , Hugo Gernsback (father of “science fiction”) 1938: Astounding Stories becomes
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Unformatted text preview: Astounding Science Fiction Edgar Rice Burroughs: A Princess of Mars Tarzan Influenced Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, Carl Sagan The Golden Age of Science Fiction: Flowering & Consensus 1938-1950 Lester del Ray Robert Heinlein Theodore Sturgeon A.E. von Vogt Isaac Asimov L. Ron Hubbard John W. Campbell: Included physics and other hard sciences Scientist/engineer hero Technological solutions to societal problems Idea fiction Excluded fantasy Robert Heinlein: Engineer Precise narrative control; economical use of language Dont stop narrative to explain Scientific naturalism future history Psychology & politics of the engineer...
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Science Fiction Notes - Astounding Science Fiction Edgar...

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