prelim #1 - DNA expression H-bonds cards donate H accept H...

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react w/ water to release energy Biog 1101 - Prof Gilbert Prelim #1 Cheat sheet hydroxyl carbonyl carboxyl amine sulfhydryl phosphate methyl alcohols ketone-mid carboxylic/ amines thiols organic methylated aldehyde-end organic acids phosphates compounds polar structural i. acidic basic cross-links
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Unformatted text preview: DNA: expression H-bonds cards donate H+ accept H+ disulfide bridge ↓ (shape & func) ~ polar = hydrophilic ~ nonpolar = hydrophobic ~ acidic = negative b/c aa donated a proton ~ basic = positive b/c aa accepted a proton ~ A-T ~ C-G ~ AT the Grand Canyon ~ puritans Always Go in pairs...
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