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Chem 2070 discussion #2 1. Millikan Oil Drop Experiment a. Millikan sprayed tiny oil drops through a hole into a system of two charged plates b. Normally, the drops would just fall onto the bottom plate c. He shot x-rays at the drops d. This disrupted the electrons in the drops e. The drops became charged f. Some would be suspended in the air between the two charges g. Q = ne i. q – charge of the oil drop ii. n – an integer iii. e – the charge of an electron h. each oil drop has 10^23 protons 2. atomic mass
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Unformatted text preview: a. the weighted average of all the naturally occurring isotopes of an element b. to get the atomic mass, multiply each isotope’s weight by its percent of occurrence 3. Law of Constant Composition a. All samples of a compound have the same composition i. In a sample of pure carbon, all the atoms will be carbon atoms 4. Law of Multiple Proportions a. XY 2 b. XY 3 c. XY 4 d. Combining different ratios of elements creates different compounds...
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