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NS 1150 - 1 pt Four references are scientific articles...

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NS 1150 How to write the paper 1. Choosing the topic a. State the controversy in a question b. Side one c. Side two d. Relevance to the world Controversy + 4 References Grade Form ______- 1 pt. Controversy is clearly stated in an understandable paragraph. Controversy is stated: (0.5pts) Controversy's topic is relevant to nutrition or health: (0.5pts) _______- 2 pt. Two sides of the controversy are clearly stated and described. Side one (0.5pts) + supporting statement (0.5pts): Side two (0.5pts) + supporting statement (0.5pts):
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Unformatted text preview: _______- 1 pt. Four references are scientific articles + citation format is correct. Ref #1: (0.25pts) Ref #2: (0.25pts) Ref #3: (0.25pts) Ref #4: (0.25pts) ________- 1 pt. Four references are original, not review article or meta-analyzes, with at least one within the last 2 years. Ref #1: (0.2pts) Ref #2: (0.2pts) Ref #3: (0.2pts) Ref #4: (0.2pts) ONE WITHIN LAST TWO YEARS: (0.2pts) __________ 5 TOTAL POINTS – Summary Comments...
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