key2_06f - Exam 2 PIC 10A Fall 2006 NAME Check your TAs...

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Exam 2, 11/20/06 PIC 10A, Fall 2006 NAME: _________________________________________________ Check your TA’s name: _____ Pascal _____ Nick You have 50 minutes to complete this exam. You are not allowed to use any books, notes, calculators, or electronic devices. Write your answers carefully. Incomplete, unintelligible, or illegible answers will receive little or no credit. When you are asked to write a program, it is not necessary to comment your code but you are expected to indent appropriately to make your code easier to follow. There are a total of 100 points on this exam. PAGE SCORE POSSIBLE 1 22 2 14 3 14 4 20 5 30 TOTAL 100
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1.) [6 points] Briefly explain the difference between value and reference parameters. How are they differentiated in C++ syntax? For a value parameter, the compiler creates a local copy of the variable so any changes to that variable will not be reflected in the function that called it. A reference parameter passes the address of the variable, so any changes will be recorded. A value parameter is the default type for C++; a reference parameter needs an "&" after the data type. 2.) [6 points] What does the srand function do and why is it useful? The srand function seeds the random number generator with a given integer, usually the current time. Without seeding, the function rand will produce the same list of numbers
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key2_06f - Exam 2 PIC 10A Fall 2006 NAME Check your TAs...

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