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Congressional Vocabulary bipartisan support: Legislation has bipartisan support when the two major parties support the bill. Capitol Hill: Refers to the area encompassing the U.S. Capitol, the House and Senate office buildings, and the surrounding residential area of townhouses and apartment buildings. committees: Committees are panels of the House or Senate created to do the initial review of proposed legislation and to decide which measures are worthy of further consideration by the full House or Senate. The committees are each assigned various issuecategories to handle, known as jurisdiction. The House and Senate each have about 20 permanent standing committees; they also have select committees and joint committees. Every Representative in the House is assigned to work on an average of two committees; Senators are assigned to an average of four. Members are expected to become specialists in the subject matter under their committee’s jurisdiction. constituents: A group of residents represented by an elected official. district: The geographical area in a state represented by a House member. Within a state, congressional districts are drawn so that each has an average of about 650,000 citizens. law: Legislation passed by both the House and Senate in identical form and signed by the President, or passed over his veto. legislator:
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convoc - Congressional Vocabulary bipartisan support...

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