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Delegate Selection 11. . PPUUBBLLIICCAATTIIOONN AANNDD SSUUBBMMIISSSSIIOONN OOFF SSTTAATTEE PPAARRTTYY RRUULLEESS A. State parties shall adopt Affirmative Action and Delegate Selection Plans which contain explicit rules and procedures governing all aspects of the delegate selection process. These rules shall include, but are not limited to: 1. Procedures for electing and certifying delegates and alternates at all levels; 2. Timing of primary/caucuses/conventions; 3. Procedures providing for equal division in each state’s convention delegation; 4. Procedures providing for the selection of the chair of the delegation; 5. Particulars concerning the scheduling of delegate selection meetings including methods by which each meeting or event will be publicized; 6. Affirmative Action Plans in detail including affirmative action obligations of presidential candidates; 7. All petition requirements and filing deadlines for delegate and alternate candidates and for presidential candidates; 8. Procedures for ascertaining delegate/alternate preference at all stages; 9. Procedures for presidential candidate right of approval; 10. Method of awarding delegates and alternates to presidential candidates; 11. Methods and timetable for the selection of permanent standing committee members; 12. Methods and timetable for the selection of temporary standing committee members; 13. Procedures for challenges of the delegate selection and affirmative action processes; 14. Methods and timetable for the selection of convention pages; and 15. Other appropriate provisions from these Rules, the Call and the Regulations. B. The following items are to be routinely included at an appropriate place in each state plan: Page 1 2008 Delegate Selection Rules for the Democratic National Convention
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1. Eligibility requirements for participation in the delegate selection process in conformance with Rule 2 [Rule 2]; 2. Prohibition of cost and fees [Rule 2.D.]; 3. Prohibition of participation by those participating in another party’s process [Rule 2.E.]; 4. One-meeting limitation for first-stage participants [Rule 3.E.]; 5. “Six basic elements” of an open party [Rule 4]; 6. Non-discrimination principles [Rule 5]; 7. Requirement that all steps take place within calendar year of convention [Rule 11.]; 8. Required identification of preference of candidates for delegate and alternate [Rule 12.A.]; 9. Protection against coerced vote [Rule 12.I]; 10. Quorum requirements [Rule 15];
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delselec - Delegate Selection 11 AANNDD OOFF SSTTAATTEE...

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