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FINAL EXAM REVIEW - Describe Tiebout ‘vote with our...

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FINAL EXAM REVIEW 15 mc 8 t/f 10 Short answer Beuacracy Which public sector employment has the most employees. TF Is the characteristics of a beauro EXCEPT for? MC Who employees more? Federal or state/local? State and local TF Are most heads of agencies elected or appointed? Appointed TF SHORT ANSW: Define/describe the purpose of a beauro . From a Handout: Who has higher level of education? Private or public? Public Difference of size of beauro. Is is smaller or larger of a rural area SHRT ANW: Describe merit system. Hired on what you know. Local Govt SHRT ANW: List 4 services provided from local govt. Difference between general purpose and specific purpose gov’t. MC Population requirement in VA for cities to become independent. 5,000 Dilons Rule MC How many states have some form of home rule provision? Influences the state has over it’s local governments. Regionalism: Define: MSA…..Metropolitan Statistical Area How many MSA in America What does MSA stand for? List 4 problems associated with MSAs
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Unformatted text preview: Describe Tiebout ‘vote with our feet” Define regionalism; provide example (annexation, city-county consolidation) Describe difference between government and governance. List 2 of the 4 reasons regionalism makes sense. Education: Who said “Educ is the answer to our national problem” LBJ Describe the purpose of NCLB All children must be proficient in certain areas by 2014. How much did federal funding for education increase? 50% Spending for what service is the largest portion of the state and local govt budget. When was the US Dept of Educ created? 1978 Who made the most complex decisions about state education? State Superintendent. How many schools districts does HI have? 1 Where is the nation’s largest school district located? NYC Must a district except all children except all children living within their school district? Yes Largest sum of money that supports schools is property tax. Progressive Tax...
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